Graeme Heinrich, the founder and driving force of Heinrich Aerial Solutions (HAS), is a fully licensed and qualified commercial UAV (drone) pilot with certifications in Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, Japan and many other jurisdictions. 

Aerial mapping and surveying have become his specialties enabling him to achieve blueprint accuracy by bringing innovations to tried and tested methodology. The HAS portfolio also includes the more familiar offerings of Photography and Videography.

Graeme Heinrich

Having merged cutting edge data acquisition with unique processing methods , he has produced proprietary systems and software to offer unsurpassed, real world solutions based on true 3D data.

Being a first mover in recognising that a raft of industries can benefit from the use of UAVs, Graeme has unparalleled expertise in supplying  fully verified data solutions.

His broad range of products and services extends from aesthetic deliverables for commercial use, to Survey Grade accuracy data sets.

Building on Graeme’s ‘inside-the-ropes’ experience of over 30 years in professional golf globally, supplying the highest quality products to professional golfers, Heinrich Aerial Solutions is now at the forefront of the delivery of true data solutions for all.

Graeme Heinrich, Royal Melbourne Golf Course